I have been screened and approved by HomeAdvisor. Here are testimonials from some of my HomeAdvisor customers.

Rating – 5.0  stars  |  01-30-2017

Review by Thor U. in Taylor, MI
Mitch couldn’t break through my root problem despite trying well over an hour, almost two hours. Only asked for $50 for his time, I gave him $60. He was very honest and seemed sincerely sorry he couldn’t break through. On Saturday I had a company come out and dig up the front yard with an excavator. At the bend where the sewer drops down 13 feet to the sewer, they pulled out a rock hard 6″ round root that was 15 feet long. It was so big that guys from the Department of Public Works were in my yard taking pictures of it. There isn’t a root cutter in the world that could have made a dent in it. So don’t feel bad Mitch, you were up against a monster!

Thor U.

5.0 stars  |  03-06-2017

Review by a homeowner in Farmington, MI
Mitch was very helpful and courteous. I appreciated him explaining what he was doing and why he was doing it.

Farmington Homeowner

5.0  stars |  09-12-2016

Review by Kevin G. in Livonia, MI
Mitchell was very professional,pleasant and cleaned up after himself. A very likable guy. Will recommend to all my family and friends.

Kevin G.

5.0  stars |  09-21-2016

Review by James T. in Garden City, MI
Mitch was awesome, very professional, knowledgeable, honest, friendly, courteous, offered tips and advice. Explained and broke down what he was doing and answered all our questions thoroughly. He even cleaned up the areas he worked on (barely made any mess) and on top of all else brought in our garbage cans in after the garbage truck came by! I would highly recommend Trappers and Plumbing and Drain to anyone needing plumbing work. If we have any future trouble we’ll call them first.

James T.

5.0  stars |  10-25-2016

Review by Carrie T. in Romulus, MI
I’m a first time user of Home Advisor. I called at 1030 pm and the person I spoke to stated they would call me in the morning. Thinking I wouldn’t hear back till the afternoon, I was completely surprised to get a phone call at 7 AM the next morning. Mitch advised he could be to my house in a half hour. WOW! I explained how I had to take my children to school and he said it wouldn’t be a problem. I then thought great now I would be put at the end of the list. WRONG again. When I returned home Mitch was waiting for me! Mitch completed the job and made sure I had NO more drain problems! Thank you I will definitely use this business again!

Carrie T.

5.0  stars |  11-21-2016

Review by Scott M. in Westland, MI
Very informative on preventative maintenance. Professional service with a very affordable price point. Would highly recommend.

Scott M.

5.0   stars|  12-02-2016

Review by Sylvia G. in Dearborn Heights, MI
Mitch was professional, very courteous, very thorough, very neat and cleaned up after himself. He checked everything and was not able to find anything wrong. The problem seems to have cleared up during his inspection. He would not even charge me a service call! I was truly amazed and very grateful. I would highly recommend him, a man of high ethics.

Sylvia G.

5.0  stars |  12-22-2016

Review by Suzanne W. in Redford, MI
The plumber was professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. He had good communication skills and seemed to truly like his profession. His charges were reasonable and he took care of his business thoroughly. I also asked him for a quote for a potential future job and he gave me the information right then and there with some sage advice as well. I would hire him again. A good experience.

Suzanne W.

5.0 stars   |  03-10-2017

Review by a homeowner in Livonia, MI
When making appointment asked for curtesy call one half hour prior to scheduled appointment time. Curtesy call was received and company rep arrived on-time. Problem and course of action to resolve was explained. Price was resonable and work completed. Was curteous and clean. Also provided quote for a different plumbing issue I need resolved. Would and did hire again.

Homeowner in Livonia, MI